About Jeff Elverman

An alumnus of Carthage College, Jeff Elverman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration. After completing his undergraduate studies, Jeff Elverman pursued his Juris Doctor at University of Notre Dame Law School and earned his Certified Public Accountant license. Over the course of his career, Jeff Elverman has established himself as an expert business consultant. At the start of the millennium, he served as a Corporate Planner for Quarles & Brady LLP, a leading legal services firm. Throughout his four-year tenure, Jeff Elverman aided countless corporations in preparing purchase and lease agreements. In his next position with Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, Jeff Elverman served more than 450 corporate clients, handling contact compliance and strategic planning. Currently, Jeff Elverman operates as Principal at Elverman Advisory Services, LLC, a Chicago-based firm he founded in 2010. He assists clients with a number of business and accounting services related to succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, fiduciary income tax compliance, gift tax compliance, and estate planning. Adept in accounts receivable and accounts payable analysis, Jeff Elverman helps companies maximize their cash flows to enhance their bottom lines. Clients trust Jeff Elverman to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws while leveraging possible tax deductions and credits. A dedicated volunteer, Jeff Elverman previously served as a Member of the Foundation Board for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and a Board Member for the Boy Scouts of America. In his recreational time, Jeff Elverman enjoys running, playing golf, and participating in a variety of other sports.


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